The Reserve Collection

Darling Imports has been collecting fine gemstones for nearly 27 years.  This collection has grown more extensive as the years and trends in color progressed.  Sapphires are the cornerstone of our Reserve Collection.   There is not much in the way of sapphires that we cannot procure or sell.  As you will see below this collection is by no means limited to Sapphires.   Aqua, Tourmaline in pink and green, blue zircon, peridot rubies, and emeralds are just some of the high quality stones we have on display. As you search through this collection please note that some of the rarest varieties have certification paperwork from a respected and credible lab.

Quality in Every Facet

Darling Imports will NEVER promise a stone is from a specific location or classification unless we have paperwork to back that up. These are not “appraisals” like we see online at other sites. These are official laboratory reports from the best and most respected labs on earth. While not all the stones in the Reserve collection have paperwork, every stone is backed by our unconditional guarantee that should anything be not to your liking you can return it- no questions asked- for a full credit. 

Darling Imports is trying to making sure that quality and a commitment to true representation stays as the norm. We are passionate about this trade and the jewelers and sales people that make it truly wonderful. With Darling it is never hard to see quality in every facet.

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