Our Policies

We are proud to have you as a client.   You are the reason we are here!

Shipping:  For orders under $5,000

  • Overnight shipping: $10
  •  2nd day Shipping is $5
  • If your package is under $50 we can ship your items for $1 with the USPS


There is no time limit on gemstone returns with Darling Imports*.   Return Authorizations are never needed.   If you are not 100% happy – we are not 100% happy.


We have a 1 cent minimum order requirement!   We will overnight a CZ if you want us to.  No problem!


Our Memo’s are 30 days long on everything we sell*.  If you have a client that keeps forgetting to come in and look at the stone, we understand, just call us and ask for an extension.  In most cases, we are happy to let you hang onto the stone.  Gems sell better in front of customers than they do in the back of our safe! *Excludes Custom Cutting