From the Back of the Safe

Tired of the same old stones?  Have a client that is begging for something that her girlfriends don’t have?   Being in this industry we all know one truth – There are piles of stuff in the Back of Your Safe!   You now have a pass to see in the back of ours. 

These are the unique, rare, funky, and just plain cool gemstones that won’t get picked unless you can show them off.   Some of these stones are collected by us here at Darling because we are Rock Nerds.  Others are purchased because we see the value in their rarity.  Whichever reason you have all of these deserve to be seen.   

IF you see something you like you better grab it!   These will be rotated regularly so if you like something you will want to grab it because there is almost no chance I can find another once someone grabs it! 

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