2018 Thailand Trip Showcase

Our Visit to Thailand in 2018

Darling Imports spent a week in October doing some overseas buying. Thailand is a wonderful country with even more wonderful people and even if you are not in the trade a visit there should be taken if the opportunity presents itself. We were able to see elephants in a nature sanctuary, eat some of the best street food on the planet, and yes, even find a boat load of stones to bring back to the US.

Quality in Every Facet

We visited several places with the intent on finding any good deals that came across our table. Boy did we ever find some deals! The amount of color vendors and cutters in Thailand is amazing. Being that Bangkok has been a hub for color stone trade for nearly 500 years does help show why so many people here are obsessed with color stones. Sapphires in blue, green, yellow, pink, purples and even pads! We saw, and bought, incredible zircons, garnets, and spinels.

It can be all too much and will drain your accounts really quick if you are not careful but taking your time to look around and chatting with old (or new) friends is the best way to start! Being in this industry for so many years it pays to work with dealers you have known throughout the years and be sure to give them business first. Take it slow. Look around and talk to dealers about what is new and what is selling well. Taking a few minutes to learn someone’s name can lead to relationships that last for decades. That is why I still love the trade there are still people around that value this one on one relationship.

So here are a few of our best deals.

If you have a call or you want to buy a stone for ring that needs to be spruced up I think you came to the right place!
Enjoy and ขอบคุณ (Thank you!)

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